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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Notes

Moments in this game that brought delight:

  • Birdsong that varies around the world and at night
  • Seeing the V-shape of birds flying over at dawn
  • Learning about the cold, and keeping a torch for warmth
  • Accidentally catching fish with a bomb
  • Chopping down a tree to make a bridge
  • Gliding and climbing
  • Riding my first horse
  • Seeing my first fox
  • Bumping a bear in the forest
  • Picking up a skeleton head and kicking it off a cliff
  • Seeing a double rainbow
  • Seeing the northern lights
  • Chasing a falling star
  • Stumbling on my first dragon
  • Trying to photograph lightning
  • Standing in the rain
  • Completing a shrine in a way that’s different to what’s intended
  • Trees that are different from each other
  • Finding durian
  • Being chased by wolves on a mountain for the first time
  • Pulling out the master sword
  • Stopping time and attacking an enemy
  • Using Daruk’s protection to kill guardians
  • Posing at the top of Hyrule Castle’s spire
  • Watching Link glide down as Ganon rises from the floor for the final battle
  • A flash of the triforce
  • Silent princess flower at the end