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Pull requests Notes

A list of my pull requests exported from Github.
960 pull requests. Last exported on 27 Mar 2018.

Date Pull request
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Fix error styles on input component
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Fix visited link colour on focus for white feedback links
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Prep for DWP research
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Don’t print the feedback forms
alphagov/govuk-developer-docs Update components.html
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Publication flow
fofr/ Bump node-sass for node/npm upgrade
fofr/ Bump node-sass for node/npm upgrade
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Enable validation across pages
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Preview tweaks
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Allow different content and different content states
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Add schedule publish fields
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Add basic review validation
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Create a preview page
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Redirect dummy app root to component guide
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Allow insertion of attachments
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Create a specialist workflow for MHRA
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Topic autocomplete
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Attachments flow placeholder
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Switch to design system beta
alphagov/whitehall Delete Number 10 virtual tour
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Pre-research tweaks
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Tweak retext rules
alphagov/whitehall-prototype In context content checks
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Add highlights to content checks
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Add proof of concept content checker
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Create flow with document tasks
alphagov/whitehall-prototype Syntax highlighting
fofr/ Accessibility acceptance criteria blog post
alphagov/whitehall Track button, markdown help and external link clicks
alphagov/whitehall Add basic image upload guidance
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 6.5.0
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Allow customisation of track click selector
alphagov/whitehall Track all form error messages
alphagov/whitehall Fix flash notice analytics tracking
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Remove IE7 fixes
gr2m/wip-bot Also block ‘Do not merge’ PRs
alphagov/whitehall Don’t hide flash notices after 3 seconds
alphagov/whitehall Allow users to search for their own name
alphagov/smokey Switch finder test to app component
alphagov/static Remove option select component
alphagov/finder-frontend Move option select component to finder-frontend
alphagov/government-frontend Remove visual regression link from PR template
alphagov/finder-frontend Update world organisations URL in README
alphagov/government-frontend Put space between items in important metadata
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Version 4.0.0
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Namespace components hosted in gem
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Add startup script to match frontend apps
alphagov/frontend Remove site search from README
alphagov/government-frontend Render translations correctly on publications tagged to a taxon
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Sort components by name
alphagov/government-frontend Add national applicability to universal navigation variant
alphagov/government-frontend Create universal layout with no navigation variant
alphagov/government-frontend Add content navigation multivariate test
alphagov/static Style taxonomy sidebar like related links
alphagov/government-frontend Fix position of stats logo on taxonomy navigation
alphagov/government-frontend Remove the beta banner from taxonomy navigation pages
alphagov/government-frontend Use the same metadata for all pages
alphagov/government-frontend Include title margin styles on detailed guides & collections
alphagov/static Deprecate taxonomy sidebar component
alphagov/government-frontend Remove bespoke taxonomy sidebar component styles
alphagov/finder-frontend Tweak search page styles to match live
alphagov/frontend Revert ‘Remove Education AB from homepage’
alphagov/government-frontend [Do not merge] Prototype removal of all navigation from content pages
alphagov/static Allow any links in footer or metadata components to be tracked
alphagov/collections Use title components
alphagov/static Allow context in titles to be a link
alphagov/govuk-developer-docs Add two new component guides
alphagov/email-alert-frontend Enable Heroku review apps
alphagov/finder-frontend Add component guide and create date filter component
alphagov/finder-frontend Enable Heroku review apps
alphagov/collections Use components and component guide
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Add guidance on accessibility acceptance criteria
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Render accessibility violations in component guide
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Remove component guide hover styles
alphagov/static Enable automated accessibility testing
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Disable duplicate ID rule in axe tests
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Use local govuk_components for static’s component guide
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Fix syntax highlighting styles for static
alphagov/slimmer Version 11.1.0
alphagov/slimmer Create local and network component resolvers
alphagov/government-frontend Add a PR template with component guide and visual regression links
alphagov/government-frontend Use integration tests from component gem
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Version 1.8.0
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Add integration test helpers for component guide
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Make it clear when aXe has failed, succeeded or found errors
alphagov/govuk-visual-regression Minimum viable component guide visual regression test
alphagov/govuk-component-guide Retire application and redirect users
alphagov/static Include integration tests for static component guide
alphagov/govuk-puppet Add Max Lehmann as a new user
alphagov/government-frontend [WIP] Run visual regression tests on Heroku
alphagov/govuk-developer-docs Add frontend components page to manual
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Version 1.1.0
alphagov/static Use govuk_publishing_components to create component guide
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Allow static to use component gem
alphagov/government-frontend Add right to left and HTML examples to component guide
alphagov/government-frontend Add right to left styles to detailed guides
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Version 1.0.0
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Version 0.9.0
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Update example YAML structure
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Mark fixture data as HTML safe
alphagov/government-frontend Raise errors for missing translations in dev and test
alphagov/government-frontend Add Rake task for PR visual regression comparison
alphagov/government-frontend [Spike] Automated visual regression testing
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Split ComponentDoc into ComponentDoc and ComponentDocResolver
alphagov/government-frontend Improve translation navigation accessibility
fofr/ Write accessibility acceptance criteria blog post
alphagov/government-frontend Improve accessibility and accessibility documentation of components
alphagov/government-frontend Re-enable jasmine tests, stop using slimmer branch
searls/jasmine-rails Update compute_asset_path to Rails 4 signature
alphagov/slimmer Version 11.0.1
alphagov/slimmer Do not catch errors from Slimmer processors
alphagov/government-frontend Return 406 status for unsupported formats
alphagov/government-frontend Use branch of slimmer to avoid caching erroring pages
alphagov/slimmer Raise error so pages are not cached
alphagov/government-frontend Add missing ID from consultations
alphagov/government-frontend Turn up slimmer to 11, update nokogiri to 1.8 and minor Rails bump
alphagov/government-frontend Downgrade Airbrake and use standard config
alphagov/government-frontend Suppress first published date for bulk published specialist documents
alphagov/govuk-puppet Indicate that commas must be escaped in emergency banner task
alphagov/publisher Send fact check emails as text not HTML
alphagov/support-api Be more lenient on the referrers we accept
alphagov/government-frontend Bump slimmer to pickup Airbrake fixes
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Version 0.4.2
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Relax slimmer requirements
alphagov/government-frontend Don’t render translations when only one available
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Add an optional print stylesheet to component guide
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Add documentation for component conventions and principles
alphagov/static Upgrade to Rails 5.1
alphagov/government-frontend Link to component guide when starting app in dev mode
alphagov/government-frontend Add guidance on using components
alphagov/government-frontend Create contents list component
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Version 0.3.1
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Remove ApplicationRecord file
alphagov/government-frontend Allow component guide to render on Heroku
alphagov/govuk-developer-docs Add publishing components gem to dashboard
alphagov/govuk-component-guide Upgrade to Rails 5
alphagov/government-frontend Render accessibility acceptance criteria for components
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Version 0.3.0
alphagov/government-frontend Update to govuk-lint 3.2.0
alphagov/govuk-lint Version 3.2.0
alphagov/govuk-lint Allow hyphenated BEM in CSS
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Render accessibility criteria and body on component page
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Explicitly extend namespaced controller
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Version 0.2.0
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Allow components to use application view helpers
fofr/ Add travis config
fofr/ Add travis config
fofr/ Add travis config
fofr/ Add movie ratings
alphagov/govuk_elements Remove tabindex from main element
alphagov/govuk_template Revert ‘Add docs for adding tabindex=’-1’ to fix the skiplink’
alphagov/govuk_publishing_components Create a component guide based on components in an application
alphagov/govuk-puppet Enable sass linting by default, as had been expected
alphagov/government-frontend [Do not merge] Enable sass linting in Jenkins
alphagov/govuk-puppet Add govuk_publishing_components to jenkins
fofr/govuk_publishing_components Create basic component guide
fofr/ Add Notes section
alphagov/whitehall Delete frontend parts of document collections
alphagov/whitehall Delete frontend parts of case studies
fofr/ Updating dependencies
fofr/ Update dependencies
fofr/ Update dependencies
alphagov/government-frontend Allow HTML pub contents to render cleanly with custom numbers
alphagov/whitehall Stop publishing headings in HTML publications
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Deprecate ‘headings’ on HTML publications
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Release 7.0.0
alphagov/whitehall Update Lancaster House page
alphagov/government-frontend HTML Publications clean-up
alphagov/govuk-developer-docs Update AB testing documentation
alphagov/government-frontend Bump rack_strip_client_ip to 0.0.2
alphagov/government-frontend Add link tracking to HTML Publication contents lists
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Remove multivariate test javascript
alphagov/licence-finder Delete start page
alphagov/govuk-app-deployment Stop indexing licencefinder start page
alphagov/licence-finder Stop publishing the start page
alphagov/licence-finder Move browse sectors index JSON into child route
alphagov/licence-finder Revert ‘Use separate content items for licence-finders’
alphagov/govuk-puppet Update health check path for licence-finder
alphagov/static Upgrade govuk_template to 0.22.2
alphagov/publisher Rake task to create draft licence finder transaction
alphagov/government-frontend Fix intermittent test failure on guides
alphagov/calculators Remove start page from Calculators
alphagov/calculators Stop publishing start page
alphagov/publisher Add rake tasks for claiming & drafting calculator start page (a transaction)
alphagov/calculators Use separate content items for start page and form
fofr/ Add Nepal blog posts
alphagov/static Remove CSS previously used by wrapper layout
alphagov/static Indent report a problem toggle and form correctly
alphagov/static Remove unused global bar
alphagov/govuk-component-guide Update example styles to match Elements
alphagov/government-frontend [Do not merge] Standard JS linting with automatic fixes
alphagov/government-frontend Rename format to schema
alphagov/govuk-puppet Remove specialist-frontend & multipage-frontend config
alphagov/govuk-app-deployment Reduce noise in deployment announcer
alphagov/government-frontend Add UKVI AB test with presenter and JS module
alphagov/government-frontend Use a shared body module
alphagov/finder-frontend Remove specialist-frontend reference from docs
alphagov/govuk-guix Remove specialist-frontend and multipage-frontend
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Remove specialist-frontend from rendering apps
alphagov/govuk-developer-docs Mark specialist-frontend as retired
alphagov/govuk-app-deployment Remove multipage-frontend scripts
alphagov/smokey Re-phrase draft tests for specialist-frontend
alphagov/govuk-puppet Retire multipage-frontend and specialist-frontend
alphagov/government-frontend Add pagination to travel advice
alphagov/government-frontend Translate print and page navigation into Welsh
alphagov/frontend Delete guides
alphagov/government-frontend Run AB tests on guides and contacts
alphagov/static Add border to info-notice when printing
alphagov/government-frontend Style buttons in govspeak as start buttons
alphagov/government-frontend Add most popular guides to wraith
alphagov/publisher Switch guides rendering app to government-frontend
alphagov/government-frontend Tweaks to Guides to match live
alphagov/static [Do not merge] Update govuk_template to 0.20.0
alphagov/government-frontend Add answers, help and specialist docs to README
alphagov/specialist-frontend specialist-frontend is being retired
alphagov/government-frontend Ignore facets that are set to empty strings
alphagov/static Remove un-used print template
alphagov/static Switch metadata from ‘First published’ to ‘Published’
alphagov/government-frontend Add support for rendering guides
fofr/simple-behaviour-js Pass element in initialiser, not start method
fofr/simple-behaviour-js Run jasmine specs on Travis
alphagov/government-frontend Tweak specialist documents to match specialist-frontend rendering
alphagov/government-frontend Fix answer styling by using singular format name
alphagov/government-frontend Don’t render description when there isn’t one
alphagov/static Style address blocks with margins
alphagov/government-frontend Render nested contents for specialist documents
alphagov/govuk-puppet Remove Paul Hayes’s old SSH key
alphagov/government-frontend Add facet metadata to specialist documents
alphagov/whitehall Set worldwide corporate information page rendering_app to Whitehall
alphagov/government-frontend Use London timezone
alphagov/govuk-lint Version 2.1.0
alphagov/govuk-lint Protect against commas and quotes in word arrays
alphagov/publisher Fix bug with downtime messages not being published when no draft present
alphagov/manuals-frontend Bump slimmer from 9.0.1 to 10.1.3
alphagov/government-frontend Add rtl styles to publications
alphagov/government-frontend Add facet metadata to specialist documents
alphagov/government-frontend Make more formats resilient
alphagov/multipage-frontend Add note that multipage-frontend is being retired
alphagov/government-frontend Travel advice now rendered by this app
alphagov/government-frontend Indicate that contacts are rendered by this app
alphagov/contacts-frontend contacts-frontend is being retired
alphagov/government-frontend Make travel advice more resilient
alphagov/government-frontend Run integration tests against random but valid content items
alphagov/govuk_schemas Update documentation for creating random examples
alphagov/government-frontend Protect against more_info_contact_form not existing
alphagov/government-frontend Improve layout of contacts content
alphagov/static Render govspeak contact details inline for legibility
alphagov/static Add warning callout print styles to govspeak component
alphagov/static Remove unused print mixin
alphagov/government-frontend Create shared partial for views with left contents and body
alphagov/government-frontend Add print view for travel advice
alphagov/government-frontend Avoid use of map! on travel advice
alphagov/static Fix regression: Don’t style strong text as bold unless using rich govspeak
alphagov/government-frontend Render specialist documents
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Correct public_updated_at date in specialist document example
alphagov/government-frontend Fix wraith when running against prod/staging from within VM
alphagov/static [Discuss] Don’t print breadcrumbs
alphagov/static Don’t open print links in a new window
alphagov/government-frontend Don’t print share links
alphagov/static [Discuss] Limit line length when printing content
alphagov/government-frontend Add atom feeds to travel advice
fofr/ Add tools for managing photo keywords
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Update travel advice examples based on live content
alphagov/multipage-frontend Add new feed and mail link design
alphagov/government-frontend Render further corporate information at bottom of about pages
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add corporate information groups to corporate information pages
fofr/ Add going green blog post
alphagov/static Add support for custom organisation logos
alphagov/government-frontend Render custom organisation logos when provided
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add custom logo image to organisation logos
alphagov/whitehall Apply service priority styles to just featured links
alphagov/specialist-frontend Remove trailing colons from contents lists
alphagov/specialist-frontend Track contents clicks
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Remove withdrawn notices from details
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Use definitions for shared properties in details
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas [Discuss] Force definitions for shared features
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Reformat all authored JSON as part of the build
alphagov/government-frontend Render corporate information page format
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add corporate information page format
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas [DO NOT MERGE] Proof of concept for help pages
alphagov/government-frontend [DO NOT MERGE] Proof of concept for rendering help pages
fofr/ Add table of pull requests
fofr/ Add govuk_admin_template post
fofr/ Add transitioning websites blog post
fofr/ Update canonical article and demo URLs
fofr/ Upgrade jQuery to 3.1.1
fofr/ Use HTTPs
fofr/ Use HTTPs
alphagov/government-frontend Add link tracking to left-hand contents list
alphagov/static Allow tracking of all trackable links within a container
alphagov/static Improve print styles
alphagov/government-frontend Remove IE specific stylesheets
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Add colour contrast test
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add news article schema and examples
alphagov/government-frontend Render news article format
fofr/ Add post about migrating formats on GOV.UK
alphagov/whitehall Bump govuk_frontend_toolkit to 5.0.3
fofr/ Deprecate support for IE8 and below
fofr/ Prepare for blog posts with clearer categories
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version 5.0.3
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Improve colour contrast of DEFRA & HMRC text
alphagov/government-frontend Move meta description and page class to base layout
alphagov/govuk-lint Disallow 3 term shorthand in Sass
alphagov/static Upgrade jQuery to 1.12.4 (take 2)
alphagov/static Add unit test for jQuery tabs plugin
alphagov/government-frontend Update README formats table
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Use new document type for official and national stats announcement examples
alphagov/government-frontend Make official stats announcements translation key singular
alphagov/government-frontend Strip trailing colons from contents list
alphagov/government-frontend Don’t show empty contents lists on HTML publications
alphagov/static Remove margin on first heading in HTML govspeak
alphagov/government-frontend Add space beneath HTML publication contents
alphagov/government-frontend Refactor title and context into module
alphagov/government-frontend Add noopener and noreferrer to new window links
alphagov/government-frontend Allow speeches to be translated
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add right-to-left translated speech example
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add examples for oral statements to parliament and speaking notes
alphagov/government-frontend DRY up views by moving metadata logic into module
alphagov/government-frontend Render the speeches format
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add speeches schema and examples
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Run tests against jQuery 1.12.4
alphagov/collections Run tests against jQuery 1.12.4
alphagov/finder-frontend Run tests against jQuery 1.12.4
alphagov/manuals-frontend Run tests against jQuery 1.12.4
alphagov/government-frontend Run tests against jQuery 1.12.4
alphagov/static Upgrade jQuery to 1.12.4
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 5.0.0
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Remove template based analytics exclusion
alphagov/government-frontend Add jasmine-rails for javascript testing
alphagov/finder-frontend Use existing version of phantomjs for JS specs
alphagov/government-frontend Add share buttons to consultations
alphagov/whitehall Delete statistical data sets front-end parts
alphagov/manuals-frontend Give keyboard access to collapsible headings
alphagov/govuk-toolkit-chrome Rename anonymous feedback to user feedback
alphagov/whitehall Use ‘on’ not ‘at’ for consultation close date
alphagov/whitehall Fix unopened consultations
alphagov/government-frontend Show closing date on unopened consultations
alphagov/static Change phase banners from pink and orange to blue
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add consultation schema and examples
alphagov/government-frontend Render the consultation format
fofr/ Add Tembe blog post
alphagov/finder-frontend Remove external link styles
alphagov/whitehall Remove external link styles
alphagov/govuk-puppet Add SSH key for paulhayes
fofr/ Add Zululand Rhino Reserve post
fofr/ Add Mkhuze blog post
fofr/ Add imfolozi blog post
fofr/ Add seychelles blog post
fofr/opencga-prototype Include advanced filters prototype
fofr/opencga-prototype Allow server to be customised
fofr/opencga-prototype Allow users to login
fofr/ Add blog posts
fofr/ Add albums
alphagov/static Bump template and toolkit
alphagov/govuk_template Version 0.17.3
alphagov/govuk_template Use text-colour for headings in footer
alphagov/static Bump template and toolkit
alphagov/static Remove stylesheets duplicated in header-footer-only
alphagov/contacts-frontend Remove invalid breadcrumbs aria role
alphagov/contacts-admin Remove invalid breadcrumbs aria role
alphagov/manuals-frontend Remove invalid breadcrumbs aria role
alphagov/static Remove invalid breadcrumbs aria role from base template
alphagov/government-frontend Add document collections format
alphagov/govspeak Don’t allow users to reverse text
fofr/ Move photos to /photos
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add document_collection schema
alphagov/static [Do not merge] Remove global banner bar
alphagov/frontend [Do not merge] Remove banner promo slot from homepage
alphagov/frontend Hide EU referendum banner after 4pm 26 May (accounting for cache time)
alphagov/static Hide EU banner from 26 May
alphagov/government-frontend Add national applicability to publications
alphagov/government-frontend Add national applicability to publications
alphagov/whitehall Add table alignment (take 2)
alphagov/govspeak Version 3.6.2
alphagov/govspeak Fix govspeak failures when using IALs on links
alphagov/government-frontend Add further publication features
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add national applicability to publications, add further publication examples
fofr/ Add Costa Rica posts
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Use document_type for ‘publication type’
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Remove organisations and parent from HTML publications links.json
alphagov/whitehall Revert ‘Merge pull request #2574 from alphagov/table-columns-help’
alphagov/government-frontend Add minimum viable publication rendering
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Create minimum viable publications format
alphagov/whitehall Allow users to right align table cells
alphagov/govspeak Version 3.6.1
alphagov/govspeak Allow td and th elements without a style attribute
alphagov/govspeak Release 3.6.0
alphagov/govspeak Allow table cells to have a text alignment
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Remove worldwide priorities from schemas
alphagov/static Create new survey test - decrease frequency that survey shows for 48 hours
alphagov/government-frontend Add related guides, collections and mainstream content to detailed guides
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add document collections to detailed guides, add examples of more features
alphagov/static Make custom ‘other’ keys behave like defined keys
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Remove unused tags from detailed guide details
alphagov/government-frontend Add history notices to detailed guides
alphagov/static Add political-status and publishing-government to analytics
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add government and political fields to detailed guides
alphagov/static Add first published and last updated to metadata component
alphagov/government-frontend Remove references to worldwide priorities and other cleanups
alphagov/govuk_template Version 0.17.1
alphagov/government-frontend Add withdrawn notice to detailed guides
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Add withdrawn notices to detailed guides
alphagov/govuk-puppet Revert no-cache rule for front-end homepage
alphagov/whitehall Remove worldwide priority data
alphagov/static [DISCUSS] Create description component
alphagov/frontend Stop non-js tracking on the homepage
alphagov/govuk_template Clean up and modernise govuk_template.html
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version 4.10.0
alphagov/static Don’t print the global bar
alphagov/multipage-frontend Revert ‘Allow nil change-descriptions’
alphagov/multipage-frontend Temporarily allow nil change-descriptions
alphagov/whitehall Explain current biography logic to users
alphagov/signon Update managing editors copy in emails
alphagov/government-frontend Generator for adding formats
alphagov/government-frontend Fix display of contact details on policy groups
alphagov/transition Bump admin gem to 4.2.0
alphagov/support Bump admin gem to 4.2.0
alphagov/publisher Bump admin gem to 4.2.0
alphagov/whitehall Bump admin gem to 4.2.0
alphagov/signon Bump admin gem to 4.2.0
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 4.2.0
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Redact emails in GA events
alphagov/static Fix display of attachment thumbs in IE8
alphagov/whitehall Delete policy groups frontend parts
alphagov/whitehall Delete statistic announcements frontend parts
alphagov/static Create Organisation logo component
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Add websafe departmental colours, ported from Whitehall
fofr/ Add a JSON content generator
alphagov/government-frontend Render HTML publication format
alphagov/static Create HTML publication flavour of the govspeak component
alphagov/govuk-component-guide Bump slimmer to 9.1.0
alphagov/slimmer Version 9.1.0
alphagov/slimmer Accept full and partial component paths in resolver
alphagov/static Remove invalid ARIA role
alphagov/whitehall Improve spacing of stat headlines
alphagov/whitehall Update defra green
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version 4.8.1
alphagov/whitehall Fix ‘View on website’ link for non-editioned topical events and get involved content
alphagov/static Add a govspeak fixture with more complete content
alphagov/static Add Sass linting to components
alphagov/bouncer Update defra green
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Update defra green
alphagov/govuk-rails-app-template Add sass linting when running linters
alphagov/multipage-frontend Add linting
alphagov/government-frontend Lint Sass
alphagov/govuk-lint Release 0.6.1
alphagov/govuk-lint Include sass configs with gem
alphagov/government-frontend Configure asset host in development mode
alphagov/static Increase margins between text in govspeak component
alphagov/govuk-lint Release 0.6.0
alphagov/govuk-lint [DISCUSS] Add Sass linting
alphagov/finder-frontend Tweak margins in header
alphagov/whitehall Delete topical event about pages frontend parts
alphagov/specialist-frontend Remove govuk-metadata override
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Include alert_status in travel advice example
alphagov/multipage-frontend Give HTML format priority over atom in respond_to
alphagov/multipage-frontend Modernise markup and styles
alphagov/government-frontend Remove margin styles now in components
alphagov/static Standardise margins on components
alphagov/specialist-frontend Alter margins in preparation for component margin updates
alphagov/finder-frontend Clean up whitespace at bottom of page
alphagov/specialist-frontend Clean up whitespace at bottom of page
alphagov/manuals-frontend Update HMRC manual URL in Readme
alphagov/government-frontend Render ‘Topical event about page’ format
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Allow additional properties in frontend links
alphagov/government-frontend Escape HTML before preventing widows
alphagov/govuk-content-schemas Bump dummy content store
alphagov/govuk-dummy_content_store Version 0.0.4
alphagov/govuk-dummy_content_store Only include front-end examples
alphagov/government-frontend Prevent widows in descriptions
alphagov/whitehall Delete take part’s frontend parts
alphagov/govuk-puppet Add second SSH key for paulhayes
alphagov/government-frontend Add wraith for visual regression testing
alphagov/government-frontend Render ‘Take part’ format
alphagov/govuk-puppet Rotate SSH key for paulhayes
alphagov/static Bump govuk_template, fix logo active state
alphagov/govuk_template Release 0.16.1
alphagov/govspeak Move to Travis’s container-based infrastructure
alphagov/static Breadcrumb component should use toolkit styles
alphagov/govuk-component-guide Add details about running guide on VM
alphagov/static Create a breadcrumb component
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Tweak bootstrap-sass pin and navbar logic
alphagov/signon Bump admin gem to 4.0.1
alphagov/publisher Bump admin gem to 4.0.1
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 4.0.1
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Fix environment styles
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 4.0.0
alphagov/static Add component unit test to component generator
alphagov/static Only track errors from javascript in Google Analytics
alphagov/whitehall Improve contextual nav styles for older browsers
alphagov/static Add unit tests for all existing components
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Rename tests from SomeFileSpec.js to some-file.spec.js to match source
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Allow the toolkit font to be changed
alphagov/govuk_elements Don’t commit dependencies, bring closer to prototype kit
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version 4.5.0
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 3.3.2
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Find and auto-start JavaScript modules from markup
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Correctly start modules when they are defined on a container
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Run tests against jQuery 1.11.3
alphagov/static Add format and need-ids to analytics component
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Enable sendBeacon for all admin analytics events
alphagov/whitehall Stop long email addresses from wrapping
alphagov/contacts-frontend Fix postal address print styles
alphagov/publisher Switch from custom checkbox toggle to govuk_admin_template’s one
alphagov/signon Improve error messaging and track user errors on forms to Google Analytics
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 3.1.0
alphagov/manuals-publisher Fix display of dates in specialist documents
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Add checkbox and radio form toggles
alphagov/signon Remove o-tron references from readme
alphagov/whitehall Fix unexpected changes in HTML attachment slugs
alphagov/static Revert ‘Merge pull request #660 from alphagov/fix-report-a-problem-alignment’
fofr/ Switch to new ‘Paul’ logo
alphagov/static Add fixture for statistic headlines
alphagov/whitehall Add {stat-headline} markdown and styles for HTML publications
alphagov/govspeak Release version 3.5.0
alphagov/signon Add aria-described-by for 2-step code input
alphagov/govspeak Add statistic headline markdown
alphagov/signon Redact email addresses from analytics
alphagov/whitehall Fix ‘Tribunals Service’ copy and link
fofr/ Tweak header and layout
alphagov/signon Improve design and copy for setting up 2-step
alphagov/signon Improve styles of 2-step code entry and locked account pages
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version 4.3.0
fofr/ Update to Hexo 3
fofr/ Update to Hexo 3
fofr/ Update to Hexo 3.1.1
alphagov/static Remove unused remnants of payment page
alphagov/signon Re-design sign in form
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 2.6.0
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Port cookie functions from govuk_template
fofr/ Switch to a sans-serif design
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Allow JavaScript error tracking to be filtered
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Update download link tracker docs
alphagov/static Track downloads with events not pageviews
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version 4.2.1
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Switch download tracking to use events
alphagov/static Add download and external link tracking
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version 4.2.0
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Create simplest download and external link tracking plugins
alphagov/whitehall Improve inline form controls in IE7
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 2.5.1
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Improve inline form controls in IE7
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 2.5.0
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Allow table filtering with special characters
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Allow apps to disable Google Analytics
alphagov/specialist-frontend Remove Jasmine, there are no JavaScript tests
alphagov/static Make report a problem link always underlined and grey
alphagov/collections Run tests against jQuery 1.11.3
alphagov/finder-frontend Run tests against jQuery 1.11.3
alphagov/manuals-frontend Run tests against jQuery 1.11.3
alphagov/specialist-frontend Run tests against jQuery 1.11.3
alphagov/static Upgrade jQuery to 1.11.3
alphagov/whitehall Update accessible media player
alphagov/static Remove jquery.history.js dependency on $.browser
alphagov/Accessible-Media-Player Fix non-Youtube player test
alphagov/static Use govuk_frontend_toolkit’s accessible media player
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version 4.1.1
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Bump accessible media player to 2.1.2
alphagov/static Bump accessible media player to 2.1.2
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 2.4.0
alphagov/support Prevent empty URL searches from erroring
alphagov/Accessible-Media-Player Remove dependency on $.browser
alphagov/publisher Let publishers self serve cross-domain analytics tracking
alphagov/govuk_content_models Version 28.9.0
alphagov/govuk_content_models Add analytics profiles to transactions
alphagov/manuals-publisher [DO NOT MERGE] Remove EU logo from finder
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Create table filter partial
alphagov/static Switch away from deprecated jQuery methods
alphagov/feedback Choose ‘A specific page’ option more often
alphagov/feedback Correctly populate the ‘specific page’ field on the contact form
alphagov/whitehall Bump admin gem for IE7 fixes
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 2.3.4
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Improve Bootstrap 3 in IE7
alphagov/whitehall Smart quotes ’n’ ellipses…
alphagov/whitehall Correctly position ‘Latest’ block on service priority org pages
alphagov/static Show closing quote on govspeak blockquotes
alphagov/static Allow
alphagov/release Allows notes to be added to applications again
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 2.3.3
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Fix table filtering on tables that contain multiple forms
alphagov/whitehall Switch to using govuk_admin_template and Bootstrap 3
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 2.3.2
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Workaround interpolation bug in libsass
alphagov/short-url-manager Bump sass to 3.4 and fix glyphicons
alphagov/search-admin Bump sass to 3.4 and fix glyphicons
alphagov/signon Bump sass to 3.4 and fix glyphicons
alphagov/transition Bump Sass to 3.4.14
twbs/bootstrap-sass Change minimum sass version
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 2.3.0
alphagov/support Improve wrapping of date filter at small widths
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Allow apps to render a custom navbar
alphagov/frontend Cross domain tracking for HMRC renew tax credits
alphagov/static Stop tracking Need IDs as custom dimensions
alphagov/design-principles Transformation dashboard 52
alphagov/design-principles Service manual version 137
alphagov/spotlight Remove Google Analytics classic
alphagov/trade-tariff-frontend Fully remove Google Analytics classic
alphagov/transformation-dashboard Remove Google Analytics classic
alphagov/government-service-design-manual Remove Google Analytics classic
alphagov/static Remove Google Analytics classic
alphagov/support Keep items columns readable
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version 4.0.0
alphagov/support Tweak organisation summary breadcrumbs
alphagov/support Add sorting to organisation summary table
alphagov/whitehall Fix sideways scrolling on service priority organisation pages
alphagov/support Prevent invalid query strings in referrers from erroring
alphagov/whitehall Prevent statistics tabs from causing horizontal scroll
alphagov/whitehall Use 14px external links in HTML publication table
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Remove Google Analytics classic
alphagov/whitehall Bump shared_mustache gem
alphagov/shared_mustache Version 0.2.1
alphagov/shared_mustache Update references to Hogan file
alphagov/shared_mustache Remove typeof exports check in Hogan libraries
alphagov/contacts-admin Bump admin gem to 2.2.0
alphagov/collections-publisher Bump admin gem to 2.2.0, include analytics
alphagov/policy-publisher Bump admin gem to 2.2.0, add analytics
alphagov/transition Bump admin gem to 2.2.0
alphagov/trade-tariff-frontend Remove Need IDs custom dimension
alphagov/frontend Use addLinkedTrackerDomain for cross domain analytics
alphagov/support Improve formatting of anonymous feedback
alphagov/support Improve feedex homepage
alphagov/static Remove bunting styles, they live on in calendars
alphagov/calendars Re-hang the bunting so it looks alright
alphagov/support Make the referrer column user friendly
alphagov/support Be lenient in what the feedback explorer can receive in its URL field
alphagov/support Tweak feedback explorer table and page headings
alphagov/static AB test “Report a problem” design
alphagov/whitehall Remove transition progress indicators from organisation list
alphagov/release Upgrade govuk_admin_template, tweak application table UI
alphagov/manuals-frontend Prevent only HMRC manuals from being crawled
alphagov/specialist-frontend Allow robots to crawl reports
alphagov/manuals-publisher Remove custom AAIB beta banner
alphagov/finder-frontend Allow robots to index AAIB, MAIB and RAIB reports
alphagov/info-frontend Link searches to search results
alphagov/manuals-publisher Make UI more like other admin apps, prevent accidental publishing
alphagov/static Remove analytics slimmer shims
alphagov/manuals-publisher Make UI more like other admin apps, prevent accidental publishing
alphagov/manuals-publisher Delete bootstrap CSS
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Version 2.2.0
alphagov/manuals-publisher Search slug and title fields, ignore case
alphagov/support Bump admin gem to 2.1.0
alphagov/contacts-admin Bump slimmer to 8.1.0
alphagov/manuals-publisher Bump admin gem to 2.1.0
alphagov/govuk-component-guide Bump slimmer to 8.1.0
alphagov/static Remove custom variable in a cookie shim
alphagov/finder-frontend Bump slimmer to 8.1.0
alphagov/business-support-finder Bump slimmer to 8.1.0
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Add a confirm javascript module
alphagov/frontend Use analytics’s callOnNextPage to set search position
alphagov/manuals-frontend Allow robots to crawl and index manuals
alphagov/transformation-dashboard Begin migration from classic to universal Google Analytics
alphagov/government-service-design-manual Begin migration from Classic to Universal analytics
alphagov/static Mechanism for making analytics calls on next page
alphagov/collections Bump slimmer to 8.1.0
alphagov/whitehall Update slimmer and remove proposition slimmer header
alphagov/static Remove old print tracking technique
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version bump to 3.3.0
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Track a print pageview on print attempt
alphagov/frontend Don’t load universal analytics libraries twice
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Move classic analytics logic into classic tracker
alphagov/trade-tariff-frontend Use frontend_toolkit analytics
alphagov/static Set analytics custom dimensions from govuk: meta tags
alphagov/static Use frontend_toolkit’s analytics
alphagov/slimmer Switch from JS custom variables to HTML meta tags
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Version bump to 3.2.0
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Port analytics API from static
alphagov/govuk_frontend_toolkit Split mixin and javascript documentation into separate files
alphagov/slimmer [DISCUSS] Switch from JS custom variables to HTML meta tags
alphagov/slimmer Remove GOVUK.Analytics variables
alphagov/slimmer Remove business proposition custom variable
alphagov/whitehall Anonymise IP addresses sent to Google Analytics
alphagov/static Don’t minify analytics initialisers in template
alphagov/collections Track pageviews and custom vars in Universal
alphagov/whitehall Track social media shares in Universal
alphagov/static Track social media shares in Universal analytics
alphagov/static Begin migration from classic to universal Google Analytics
alphagov/static [DISCUSS] Begin migration from classic to universal Google Analytics
alphagov/whitehall Remove metadata link tracking
alphagov/trade-tariff-frontend Anonymise IP addresses
alphagov/policy-publisher Add environment dependent favicons
alphagov/publisher Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3.2 and manage analytics via admin gem
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Include Google Analytics tracking code
alphagov/publisher Fix downtime slug links in production
alphagov/support Bump admin gem to 1.5.1
alphagov/publisher Track flash messages in analytics
alphagov/publisher Only save when the save button is visible and enabled
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Fix SASS deprecation warnings
alphagov/publisher Tweak tab tracking to pass in tab href
alphagov/publisher Track edition interactions
alphagov/whitehall Hide ‘more like this’ when there are none
alphagov/publisher Make ajax tests more rugged
alphagov/publisher Improve behaviour of ajax saving
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3.2
alphagov/publisher Improve auto generation of slugs
alphagov/publisher Save editions using ajax
alphagov/govuk_content_models Release 28.3.0
alphagov/govuk_content_models Show clash between primary topic and additional topic as an error against a field
alphagov/publisher Alter expand/collapse text when adding/removing parts
alphagov/publisher Downtime messages begin at midnight the day before
alphagov/publisher Remove modal fade shim previously used in tests
alphagov/publisher Remove old bootstrap js tab shim
alphagov/publisher Allow claiming of 2i when reviewer has been reset
alphagov/publisher Improve display of important note changes
alphagov/publisher After adding notes, redirect back to notes tab
alphagov/release Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3
alphagov/collections-publisher Upgrade to Bootstrap 3.3
alphagov/publisher Don’t let ‘Claim 2i’ work when an edition is already claimed
alphagov/publisher Make tabs on editions linkable, and work without js
alphagov/manuals-publisher Add Google analytics
alphagov/contacts-admin Switch to using govuk_admin_template
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Allow customisation of app’s home path
alphagov/publisher Remove ‘Created by’ column from publication tables
alphagov/signon Show all event logs
alphagov/travel-advice-publisher Improve legibility of diff views
alphagov/signon Allow filtering of user list by user status
alphagov/signon Prevent environment label from occasionally wrapping
fofr/ Make mobile friendly
alphagov/publisher Allow editing of business support editions without javascript
alphagov/publisher Remove minutes to complete and uses government gateway fields
alphagov/frontend Remove minutes to complete
alphagov/govuk_content_api Remove mins to complete field
alphagov/govuk_content_models Version 28.0.0
alphagov/govuk_content_models Remove minutes to complete and ‘uses government gateway’
alphagov/publisher Improve legibility of diff views
alphagov/publisher Remove the ‘Archive by’ column from archived publications table
fofr/ Create first components
fofr/ Create static site with Jekyll and Bootstrap
alphagov/publisher Fix wrapping environment label with admin gem bump
alphagov/publisher Add publication format to edition view
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Make event tracking work with universal analytics
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Prevent environment indicator from occasionally wrapping
alphagov/publisher Tweak messaging and secondary field sizes
alphagov/search-admin Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3
alphagov/short-url-manager Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3
alphagov/manuals-publisher Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3
alphagov/maslow Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3
alphagov/travel-advice-publisher Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3
alphagov/signon Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3
alphagov/panopticon Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3
alphagov/imminence Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3
alphagov/publisher Upgrade to Bootstrap 3.3
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3
alphagov/publisher Hide earlier emails in a fact check received email chain
alphagov/publisher Remove chrome fix now Chrome 39 is out
alphagov/publisher Disable all fields on published editions
alphagov/publisher Update notices to success or danger flash messages
alphagov/publisher Temporarily fix Chrome 38 multiple-select bug
alphagov/publisher Quick cleanup of admin tab on editions
alphagov/publisher Avoid submitting business support form with JS
alphagov/publisher Include fact check request recipients in note
alphagov/publisher Link to zendesk tickets from edition notes automatically
alphagov/publisher Simplify page titles
alphagov/publisher Reintroduce previous important note workflow
alphagov/publisher Remove autofocus to prevent page scrolling
alphagov/publisher Make links clickable in notes
alphagov/publisher Remove important notes from history
alphagov/publisher Replace grid wrappers with input helper classes
alphagov/publisher Only show video fields on video formats
alphagov/transition Put selectable table JS module back into Transition
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Remove selectable table module
alphagov/publisher Use select2 enhancement on assignee select on editions
alphagov/publisher Enhanced assignee selector
alphagov/transition Fix lead styles when using the text-muted class
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Tweak CSS helpers
alphagov/publisher Consolidate publication table views
alphagov/publisher Improve design of important notes
alphagov/support Upgrade admin gem to 1.1.6
alphagov/publisher Update admin gem to 1.1.6
alphagov/search-admin Upgrade admin gem to 1.1.6 and cleanup templates
alphagov/short-url-manager Upgrade admin gem to 1.1.6
alphagov/whitehall Fix GillSans font stack
alphagov/signon Fix GillSans font stack for IE and Chrome on Windows
alphagov/publisher Tweak layout of tags on editions
alphagov/publisher Improve table of publications design
alphagov/publisher Quickly expand or collapse parts in a guide or programme
alphagov/signon Cleanup change email form when there’s a pending change
alphagov/publisher Remove highlighted editions from publications lists
alphagov/publisher Remove comment field from fact check form
alphagov/publisher Improve edition history and notes
alphagov/signon Clean up logged-out change email form
alphagov/govuk_need_api Include duplicate_of in need search results
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Include Microsoft version of Gill Sans in font stack
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Bring lead styles more inline with GOV.UK ones
alphagov/whitehall Tidy up heading and table styles for big lists
alphagov/whitehall Update dashboard link destinations
alphagov/transition Improve jump to mapping copy without js
alphagov/release Update govuk_admin_template to 1.1.2
alphagov/signon Update govuk_admin_template to 1.1.2
alphagov/publisher Update govuk_admin_template to 1.1.2
alphagov/maslow Update govuk_admin_template to 1.1.2
alphagov/travel-advice-publisher Allow users to filter table of countries
alphagov/imminence Add environment specific favicons
alphagov/panopticon Add environment specific favicons
alphagov/panopticon Fix display of need IDs in artefacts table
alphagov/whitehall Stop incorrect date initialisation at month end
alphagov/imminence Switch to using govuk_admin_template
alphagov/panopticon Switch to using govuk_admin_template
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Indicate which SASS files are partials
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Allow apps to specify a full width page
fofr/ Create a ‘ figure ’ tag
alphagov/whitehall Add acronym and abbreviation markdown guidance
alphagov/whitehall Tweak styles of document list filters and results
alphagov/whitehall Upgrade Bootstrap to 2.3.2
alphagov/whitehall Hide display date fields when date is confirmed
alphagov/whitehall Tweak statistics announcement copy
alphagov/whitehall Improve role date selection
alphagov/whitehall Blacken Whitehall admin header
alphagov/whitehall Improve stats announcements UI
alphagov/transition Update the aria-valuenow on batch upload
alphagov/whitehall Stop nesting filter search results when dynamically loading
alphagov/transition Open links when hitting enter on a filtered table
alphagov/govuk_admin_template When filtering tables, allow users to easily go to the first item
alphagov/transition Update jQuery and Bootstrap
alphagov/whitehall Simplify markup and styling of admin header
alphagov/whitehall Fix JS in old IEs by removing trailing comma
alphagov/whitehall Don’t load admin CSS twice
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Improve guidance on buttons and tables
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Update jQuery and Bootstrap
alphagov/signon Use alphabetical_paginate gem with merged fix
alphagov/travel-advice-publisher Add Jasmine for Javascript testing
alphagov/maslow Add Jasmine for Javascript testing
alphagov/signon Add Jasmine for Javascript testing
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Switch back to using official jasmine gem build
fofr/ Add photography to
alphagov/publisher Tidy up diff between publication editions
alphagov/travel-advice-publisher Improve rendering in IE7
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Tweak size of input helpers, based on column sizes
fofr/ Future proof experiments with standardised CSS
alphagov/signon Bump admin gem to fix precompile error
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Precompile IE7 to a CSS file, not SCSS
fofr/ Prepare for IndieWeb
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Make setting input widths easier with bootstrap 3
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Improve Bootstrap 3 styles in IE7
alphagov/signon Switch to using govuk_admin_template
lingz/alphabetical_paginate Close html list element when using Bootstrap 3
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Tidy up navbar when no navigation specified
alphagov/travel-advice-publisher Bump admin gem to fix IE8 rendering
alphagov/maslow Bump admin gem to fix IE8 rendering
alphagov/publisher Bump admin gem to fix IE8 rendering
alphagov/transition Bump admin gem to fix IE8 rendering
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Move IE8 shims and fixes so they load after styles
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Add short date and time formats
alphagov/publisher Improve contrast of editable fields within ‘parts’
alphagov/smokey Update check for mainstream publisher sign in
alphagov/publisher Move business support javascript into tested module
alphagov/publisher Switch to using govuk_admin_template
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Update README to include details of apps already using gem
fofr/ Generate experiments via hexo theme
fofr/ Create a theme for exporting experiments
alphagov/transition Upgrade admin gem to 1.0.0
fofr/ Add experiments to static site
alphagov/publisher Upgrade jQuery
alphagov/whitehall Distinguish between Whitehall environments
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Put back Bootstrap 2 nav-list styles
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Create padding helpers
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Introduce margin mixins
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Correct spacing when using Bootstrap’s page-header class
alphagov/travel-advice-publisher Show environment indicator
alphagov/support Show environment indicator
alphagov/maslow Show environment indicator
alphagov/transition Show environment indicator
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Restrict bootstrap component visited link styles
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Distinguish between environments
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Create a CSS guide
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Allow content in footer and at the bottom of a page
alphagov/publisher Distinguish between Publisher environments
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Fix visited link styles on bootstrap components
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Add date examples to style guide
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Namespace gem assets
alphagov/travel-advice-publisher Switch to using govuk_admin_template
alphagov/maslow Switch to using govuk_admin_template
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Add GOV.UK user friendly date formats
jasmine/jasmine-gem Fix config option typo in jasmine helper
alphagov/transition Prevent PhantomJS auto install
alphagov/transition Switch to using govuk_admin_template
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Put gem templates through parent’s app controller
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Correct gem routes so they may be mounted
jasmine/jasmine-gem Bump version to 2.0.2 to include PhantomJS download option
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Port modular javascript framework from transition
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Prevent automatic PhantomJS install
jasmine/jasmine-gem Allow prevention of automatic PhantomJS download
alphagov/govuk_admin_template Setup testing for gem using dummy application
alphagov/transition Remove helpful message when background process succeeds
alphagov/transition Make switching between hit periods work without JavaScript
alphagov/transition Refine background bulk add modal
alphagov/transition Tidy up bulk add success messages
alphagov/transition Put transition date on analytics graph
alphagov/transition Universal analytics
alphagov/transition URL hosts must contain at least one ‘.’
alphagov/transition Don’t strip out trailing slashes when filtering
alphagov/transition Don’t let the browser show a cached transition page
alphagov/transition Create a go to mapping modal
alphagov/transition Highlight bulk edit tools and include guidance
alphagov/transition Allow entered text to be used as a tag
alphagov/transition Allow filtering of organisation list
alphagov/transition Avoid saying ‘0 mappings updated’
alphagov/transition Tweak hostnames table
alphagov/transition Filters on style guide
alphagov/transition After editing mappings via hits, return to hits
alphagov/transition Allow tag autocomplete in
alphagov/transition Show transition in desktop mode on IE8 and below
alphagov/transition Fix mappings header to top when scrolling
alphagov/transition Track JavaScript interactions in Google Analytics
alphagov/transition Default hits to last 30 days instead of all time
alphagov/transition Filter mappings by path, new URL, tag, and type
alphagov/transition Don’t obscure the save button when bulk editing lots of mappings
alphagov/transition Switch to storing sessions in database
alphagov/transition After saving show a modal containing edited mappings
alphagov/transition Auto-start JavaScript modules that appear in markup
alphagov/transition Technical Glossary
alphagov/transition Add Google Analytics tracking to Transition
alphagov/transition Prevent bulk tag modal from disappearing when selecting many paths
alphagov/transition Show redirect and archive counts on site dashboard
alphagov/transition Tag filtering
alphagov/transition Fix time format to show correct time
alphagov/transition Update asset pipeline for access to bootstrap SASS
alphagov/transition Stop the logo being cropped
alphagov/transition Add a link to the side by side browser on site dashboards
alphagov/transition Upgrade Jasmine to 2.0.0
alphagov/transition Upgrade to Bootstrap 3.1 and SASS 3.2.12
alphagov/transition Minor bulk edit improvements
alphagov/transition Minor tweaks to site dashboard
alphagov/transition Check that entered hosts are part of the current site
alphagov/transition Usability improvements for bulk adding
alphagov/transition Improve mapping history with friendly messages
alphagov/transition Create site dashboard components
alphagov/transition Prevent empty parentheses from showing in site header
alphagov/transition Add custom button styles to style guide
alphagov/transition Create a GOVUK date format to match style guide
alphagov/transition Fix border radius in the modal footer
alphagov/transition Bootstrap 3 fixes
alphagov/transition Upgrade to Bootstrap 3
alphagov/transition Remove extra add mapping button
alphagov/transition Only show organisations with sites
alphagov/transition Add ‘Your organisation’ title attribute to your organisation in navbar
alphagov/transition Delete ‘Others’ section from hits
alphagov/transition Make paths easier to scan
alphagov/transition Fix unclosed span in mappings form
alphagov/transition Use mapping path as link text
alphagov/transition Improvements to suggested and archive URLs when editing a mapping [60838740]
alphagov/transition Return to the edit mapping page after save
alphagov/transition Tweak sites table headings
alphagov/maslow Create a need view
alphagov/transition Fix organisations feature
alphagov/transition Remove the services dropdown from the header
alphagov/transition Minimise use of HTTP status codes [60348822]
alphagov/transition Only show hits graph when JS enabled
alphagov/transition Create summary and filtered views of hits data [58805750]
alphagov/transition Introduce a no content style
alphagov/transition Use local assets over external ones [58158124]
alphagov/transition Tweak breadcrumb copy in style guide
alphagov/transition Tweak breadcrumb copy in style guide
alphagov/transition Hide irrelevant URL fields in Mapping form [57569274]
alphagov/transition Create a transition style guide [57892632]
alphagov/transition Brand the header
alphagov/transition Cleanup mapping controls and improve usability [57569076]
alphagov/transition Style first and last page links [57569170]
alphagov/transition Fix mapping validation styles [57569316]
alphagov/transition Update pagination styles to match Publisher et al [57569170]