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The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen Notes

Read partly while hiking in Annapurna.

October 17 (page 110)

“This is closer to my own idea of freedom, the possibility and prospect of ‘free life’, travelling light without clinging or despising, in calm acceptance of everything that comes; free because without defences, free not in an adolescent way, with no restraints, but in a sense of the Tibetan Buddhist’s ‘crazy wisdom’…”

November 11 (page 213)

“We have no news of modern times since late September, and will have none until December, and gradually my mind has cleared itself, and wind and sun pour through my head, as through a bell. Though we talk little here, I am never lonely; I am returned into myself.”

November 26 (page 276)

On Tukten:

“… he rarely speaks, except when spoken to, and never seems to speak too much; without obtruding, he becomes the centre of each situation, so naturally does he belong where the moment finds him.”