Paul Hayes

I design and build websites from Brighton and London. I’m currently contracting with Government Digital Service, who are “leading the digital transformation of government”. I also take photos.

Email me or find me on Twitter (@fofr) and Github.


  1. Design prototyping with Git and Github
  2. A small JavaScript framework
  3. Webteam
  4. Face detection using webcams and canvas
  5. Use CSS transitions to link Media Queries and JavaScript
  6. Improving the CSS only modal
  7. Creating a modern modal with CSS
  8. Creating a sphere with 3D CSS
  9. Thoughts on Responsive Enhancement
  10. Creating a tetrahedron with 3D CSS
  11. Adding touch gestures and mouse controls to a 3D CSS cube
  12. Useful CSS snippets
  13. A new look, and a new domain
  14. Creating an animated 3D CSS cube using 3D transforms
  15. Creating an accordion using CSS transitions
  16. Moving markup towards HTML5
  17. Creating a 3D Cube using 2D CSS transformations
  18. Create an auto-scrolling parallax effect without JavaScript
  19. Time for some CSS debate
  20. An analogue clock using only CSS
  21. Track outbound links using Google Analytics
  22. Creating the first design
  23. Let’s get the ball rolling